Not just for those with a sweet tooth!

Our high-quality, modern technical equipment combined with equally innovative and proven methods is the foundation that enables us to offer you the appropriate, individual, best possible treatment. Of course, this is not just for early recognition of tooth decay, but for every treatment. And always according to our quality claim.

Overview of technical highlights of the dental practice:

  • Digital volume tomograph (DVT): 3D X-ray images for a low radiation, meaningful and reliable diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Panoramic X-ray (OPT): 2D overview to assess all teeth, the jaw area and the adjoining jawbones.
  • Diode laser, CO2 laser and soft laser: Use of these energy-rich rays for pain and low blood loss gum treatments, rapid wound healing and lower risk of infection.
  • Digital impression: Using a high-performance camera, 2500 pictures are taken in less than 90 seconds and a three-dimensional impression of your teeth is made ... without the uncomfortable impression paste in your mouth.