Keep it all in good condition – your dentist Gigandet is at your side

It only takes a little time, but it has a big influence on the long-term health of your teeth: regular check-ups in our dental practice near Bern. Because if we check the condition of your teeth and your oral cavity every six months, we can act to prevent possible problems such as tooth decay at an early stage – thereby avoiding more serious treatments.

From check-up to advice to treatment

For us, preservation dentistry means doing everything we can so that as far as possible you don't have to worry about your teeth. We try to ensure this with comprehensive check-ups, personal advice and individual treatment concepts.

What we do in our practice near Worb to preserve your teeth

If it does happen and we find a spot of tooth decay, an existing filling that is no longer sealed or the corner of a tooth that has broken off, then various different options in filling therapy are available to us. Our range extends from metal-free treatment with inlays made of ceramics and established gold restorations to a simple composite in a tooth-matching colour. Whatever may be the best material for you personally, we always focus on precise execution and durability, so that you can enjoy an aesthetically attractive result for a long time.