Enjoy the crunch!

Of course we don't know if you are a fan of salads and such. But whatever your preference is in crisp market freshness: if you succeed in avoiding the risks of plaque and gum inflammations, you will be able to enjoy a firm bite into something crisp and crunchy for a long time.

Chronic disease with serious consequences

It usually begins with bleeding gums, is often accompanied by bad breath, is only rarely painful, causes the gums to recede, if untreated will lead to loosening of the teeth and creeping bone loss – finally in its end stages to tooth loss. We are talking about the widespread gum disease periodontosis. This can even damage your health as a whole. Because today there is scientific evidence that the bacteria in stubborn plaque and the germs released in periodontosis can also contribute to initiating heart attacks, strokes, premature birth and diabetes. Your Bern dental practice will be happy to advise you.

Effective treatment of periodontosis

With the aim of eliminating the biological film on your teeth, removing inflammation of the gums and the periodontium, we will use a well-founded scientific therapy. For us, that involves on the one hand the removal of hard and soft plaque both above and below the gum edge and and also getting rid of other factors that promote inflammation. But our range of services also includes bone regeneration and gum transplants to restore the hold of a tooth and provide a good-looking appearance. In our practice near Bern, an important element in our long-term effective periodontosis treatment is a specific, individually tailored and regular preventive treatment.