Show your teeth and smile! Right after your visit to our dental practice near Bern.

Beauty, of course, is in the eye of the beholder. But there are still aspects that we all consider aesthetic, alluring, pleasing and attractive. Beautiful, well-cared-for teeth, for example. Or a radiant smile.

Veneers for natural perfection

As we grind the teeth very little or, in suitable cases, not at all, veneers are the perfect option for aesthetic changes to the teeth in the front area: closing gaps in the teeth, correcting misshapen and/or crooked teeth, covering unsuitable tooth colours and restoring broken edges The ultra-thin ceramic shells are made in the laboratory by hand and then glued to the tooth,.which has had minimally invasive treatment or has not been ground.

A variety of options for aesthetic dentistry – here at your dentist's in Muri bei Bern.

Along with the veneers, we use many other options to give you a radiant smile: white synthetic fillings or high-quality ceramics. Often bleaching, which can be carried out in our practice near Bern or at home, is enough to have your teeth shining in fresh white. If the white look is not the only one important for you, but you also want the red look (for gums), we will undertake gum corrections and transplants for receding gums and protruding tooth necks.