Tasty for young and old!

Older children, young people or adults – it can happen at any age that your teeth "fall out of line". But crooked teeth or or gaps between teeth are not simply a cosmetic matter. Health questions are to the fore here.

All a question of the correct jaw position

Are our child's teeth developing as they should? What can I do to get straight teeth at last? These can be possible orthopaedic questions. Please do ask us and come to your dentist in the vicinity of Worb.

For completely individual, gentle tooth correction at your Bern dentist

For targeted tooth correction for adults, we rely on a method that's as gentle and minimally invasive as it is innovative: the Invisalign® system. For over 10 years we have been certified users of this market leading system. In contrast to the customary tooth braces, these almost invisible corrective splints can be easily removed if required, and do not require any restrictions on activities. A solution that does not hamper you in everyday life and at the same time gently but effectively corrects misplaced teeth. For orthodontic treatment of children and young people, we work closely together with a specialist.