Dental health with our prostheses!

Dental health with our prostheses!

Of course we will do everything we can to make sure you need worry as little as possible about your teeth. To achieve this aim, we offer comprehensive preventive treatment in our practice in Muri bei Bern with check-ups, personal advice and an individual treatment concept. Following the idea of "preservation dentistry", we try to maintain your own teeth as long as possible.

But as we know from experience: the loss of part of a tooth, or even a whole or several whole teeth, in an accident for example or through disease such as periodontosis or tooth decay, is simply part of life for many people. But with the aid of modern technology and medical expertise, there is today no reason to despair. We at our dental practice in the vicinity of Worb can sustainably treat lesser damage to teeth with various options of filling therapy. Our range extends from metal-free treatment with ceramic inlays to established gold restoration and to composite fillings in tooth-matching colour. Whatever option you decide on – we will be happy to advise you and carry out all our work with professional expertise and precision.

Even if you have lost one or several whole teeth, the dentist treating you in our practice in Bern can recreate natural-looking, beautiful teeth with crowns, partial crowns, bridges or veneers (very thin concealing shells) made of modern materials. We do this not just with functionality, but also with your individual aesthetics in mind!

In our careful interventions, we usually work with high-quality ceramics, which has numerous advantages. Along with high quality, these include stable consistency and durability, no increase in temperature sensitivity for your teeth and reliable function.

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