Digitally made and an exact fit: that's our prosthesis

Digitally made and an exact fit: that's our prosthesis

"Prosthesis"– at first, that sounds rather clumsy and a little cumbersome. Because it's very hard to imagine that anything can feel as natural as your own teeth. However, today we'll let you in on a small but vital secret. A comfortable and precise dental prosthesis that doesn't feel like a foreign body but like your natural teeth – it's possible, here in our dental practice in Muri bei Bern.

The digital manufacture of dental prostheses, also known as CAD/CAM technology, means:

High-quality dental prostheses, designed on the computer and produced by a 5-axis CNC milling machine. This procedure not only enables the provision of individual designs; it is also possible to work quickly and precisely. What does the production process of your own personal prosthesis look like? We are happy to explain!

First, a digital impression is used to create a virtual model of your teeth. For this purpose, jaw and teeth are scanned with a special camera taking about 2000 pictures and recorded in very precise detail. Every little feature, however tiny, of your oral cavity can in this way be represented in detail.
The missing teeth, and therefore your future CAD/CAM prosthesis, will then be designed directly on the computer with the aid of a special software and seamlessly adjusted to their direct surroundings in your mouth. Here, we take into consideration friction-free functioning and a natural aesthetic appearance, because our aim is your long-term well-being.

As soon as the design is completed, we move to manufacture. The file is sent to a 5-axis CNC milling machine– and your individual dental prosthesis is milled.

Any more questions? Just ask them. Our team, dentist and children's dentist in our practice in the vicinity of Worb, is there for you!

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